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The SVF Show & Academy Team

The members of Sugar Valley Farm often compete in rated and non-rated horse shows throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.  

The SVF Riding Academy Team is comprised of a group of lesson students who compete in the academy division at horse shows throughout the region.  While owning a horse is not a requirement to compete in this academy division, certain eligibility requirements must be met in order to compete.  

The Academy division is designed to introduce new riders and their families to the exciting world of horse showing.  Members of our Riding Academy are placed into appropriate competing divisions based on their age and skill level.  Academy classes range from "Leadline" for the youngest of riders, to "Walk & Trot Only" for beginning riders, to "Walk, Trot & Canter" for more experienced riders.  Both pleasure and equitation classes are typically offered, both with and without patten work.   

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2019 Show Season

May 16-19 NY State Breeders Show, Syracuse NY

June 6-9 Jersey Classic Show, Allentown NJ

July 18-21 Mid-Summer Sizzler Show, Hamburg NY

August 29th - September 1st NY State Fair, Syracuse NY

September 25th - 28th ASHAV, Lexington VA